UMS/LMS Platform (E-School)

E-School is Educational Technology Product collaboration by Ed-Tech Myanmar and Blue Tech Venture Company which is the subsidiary company of Blue Ocean Investment Limited. E-School’s UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (UMS) is a flagship product of the digital revolution in education which covers all aspects of 10 Million Education Stakeholders for the local Ministry government, Universities, Colleges or Schools, Instructors, and Learners.

E-School UMS/LMS mobile platform covers every aspect of a university workflow and integrates all processes with the user-friendly interface between students and teachers. With hundreds of thousands of user’s satisfaction, E-School is the first choice of several states, governments/semi-government universities and institutions. We have already developed for six universities and migration at least twenty universities of Myanmar before 2020 in order to impact 10 Million Students of digital revolution and transformation in the Myanmar Education Sector.

Specifically built for higher education, our UMS enable universities and schools to:


About ConceptX Application

ConceptX is an online learning platform focus on the Grade-11 courses to improve the education system of Myanmar. The courses are taught by experienced instructors graduated from the United States, Thailand, and Malaysia

Each chapter of the math classes are carefully categorized into theory and example parts explain by two different instructors to get the best quality content for the students. We explain different types of exam questions according to its difficulty. As a bonus, Grade-11 math course includes free textbook for the students.

We believe that memorization is a waste of time; therefore we carefully choose a special type of math problems from easy to difficult ones by explaining thoroughly for the students to understand the concept at all cost instead of memorization.

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Village Link, a leading digital service company in Myanmar, officially introduces Htwet Toe, an innovative agri-mobile application for the farmers of Myanmar that aims to build a community between the farmers and agricultural professionals on a single platform. The company also announced the support of the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) program, which will assist to further develop the application.

Myanmar’s agriculture sector is the backbone of the nation’s economy. It contributes to 38 percent of GDP and employs over 60 percent of the labor force. Compared to other ASEAN nations, Myanmar has more arable land and a wider variety of growing conditions. But due to agricultural challenges as well as lack of technology and information, Myanmar’s farmers have among the lowest agricultural productivity and income in the region. One of the mobile application from Village Link called Htwet Toe brings a unique solution for Myanmar farmers to get the information about their land and agricultural advice from professionals through just a few keystrokes on their smartphone.

Village Link has been awarded a grant from the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) program. Funded by the Dutch government, G4AW is a program executed by the Netherlands Space Office and is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of water use and encouraging sustainable food production in developing countries.

  • Automate admissions  – Eliminate manual processes and save significant staff time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal
  • Provide one-stop student access - Allow students to enroll, register, and pay for courses through the portal
  • Simplify records management - With a single system for all your data needs—and a single digital record for each student—any department on campus can find the student information they need
  • Engage faculty - Give faculty the means to enter and update grades, and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information
  • Manage resources – Manage personnel, funds, and processes more transparently
  • Strengthen decision-making – Track the metrics you need to guide day-to-day operations, meet reporting requirements, and engage your organization
  • Strategic Management Report – Each role of policymaker can make major decisions for long term sustainable strong education eco-system by using strategic management reports.

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